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Laser Marking: Product Traceability In Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing system can’t be imagined without product traceability. Large scale companies send their products to small-scale units and trace their products until the products are consumed. Traceability helps the brands to gain a competitive advantage in the market, and some business can use the factor of tracing in the best possible way to flourish […]

Fiber vs CO2 Laser Marking Machine: Which One Should You Buy?

The main difference between fiber and co2 laser marking machine is the marking materials. Fiber laser marking machine: metal materials. CO2 laser marking machine: non-metallic materials. There are more differences between them, Bytelaser is here to give you the most comprehensive guidance. Now laser markimg machine is more and more widely used in industry and hobbyists, […]

Best EZCAD Laser Marking Software Tutorial 2021

Laser marking machine uses computer software to set the marking route. Similar to the drawing software such as PS, CAD, etc., there are many laser marking machine software, and the most common one is EZCAD software. EZCAD software controls the laser marking machine through control card, so the software version must be compatible with the […]

Raycus, JPT, Max, Or IPG? Which Fiber Laser Source Should You Choose?

Laser source is the core component of the laser machine. Different laser sources can generate different laser beams to cut different materials. When you buy a fiber laser marking machine, you will find that there are many brands that provide different fiber laser sources, and the price of each brand is different, so which is […]

Cheers! The First Order From India

Congratulations on the first fiber laser marking machine sold at was founded in April 2021. We are committed to providing the cheapest machines, the best machines and the best services to customers all over the world. ByteLaser company is established in 2016 and started to sell laser machines mainly in China. After 5 […]