Mopa fiber laser marking machine provides the best solution for color marking.

What is color laser marking?

Color laser marking is a process of using a laser to add color marks to the surface of a material. Different from ordinary black and white marking, color marking provides customers with more laser design solutions.

What is Mopa laser?

MOPA is the abbreviation of “Main Oscillator and Power Amplifier”. In industrial manufacturing, MOPA laser refers to nanosecond pulse fiber laser based on electric modulation seed source and multi-stage power amplifier. It is mainly used in laser marking, cutting, welding, drilling and engraving. The famous Mopa laser manufacturer in China is JPT and the world-renowned manufacturer is SPI.

Typical applications for color laser marking machine

Stainless steel

Anodized aluminum


More advantages of color laser marking machine

In addition to color marking on stainless steel and anodized aluminum, the color laser marking machine can also provide better marking edges and less material corrosion than fiber laser marking machines. Mopa fiber color laser marking machine can also provide high-contrast patterns on plastic without burning plastic, providing higher quality marking.

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