Best EZCAD Laser Marking Software Tutorial 2021

Laser marking machine uses computer software to set the marking route. Similar to the drawing software such as PS, CAD, etc., there are many laser marking machine software, and the most common one is EZCAD software.

EZCAD software controls the laser marking machine through control card, so the software version must be compatible with the laser control card to make the equipment work normally.

1. What is Ezcad software?

Ezcad is a software developed by China Beijing JCZ Co., Ltd. It will drive control card of the laser marking machine to mark text, patterns, and photos on the surface of the material. There are currently two versions of Ezcad2 and Ezcad3.

Ezcad2 is the most common and used version. The latest version is Ezcad2.14.11, which will be the final version of Ezcad2.

Ezcad3 inherits all the functions and features of EZCAD2 software, and is equipped with the most advanced software and laser control technology. However, the popularity of Ezcad3 is not high, and the number of users is not large.

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2. Advantages and disadvantages of Ezcad software


  1. Can be applied to fiber, CO2, uv laser marking machine.
  2. Compatible with Windows XP / 7/10 (32-bit and 64-bit), of which EZCAD3 only supports 64-bit.
  3. Support common vector files (PLT, DXF, AI, SVG, etc.) and bitmap files (BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, etc.)
  4. Powerful graphics editing and processing functions.
  5. Multiple font types: Single-Line font, DotMatrix font, SHX font, etc.
  6. Multi-language support. Such as English, German, French, etc.


Software secondary development is difficult and the price is high. Generally speaking, software secondary development requires $4000-5000, which may be more expensive than buying a new laser marking machine.

3. How to install Ezcad for laser marking machine?

1. Install ezcad on your computer

The installation of EZCAD is very simple. You only need to copy the EZCAD folder in the installation CD to your computer‘s file, and then double-click EZCAD.exe in the EZCAD directory to run the software.


  1. Computers with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems. You cannot install EZCAD on the basis of Apple’s IOS.
  2. CD (or software installation package)

Note: EZCAD3 uses licence+encryption dongle (Bit Dongle) to protect the software. One license can be maximum activated 5 times, and the dongle must be inserted when using.

If there is no dongle or the dongle is not installed correctly, a warning will appear and the software will run in a demo state.

2. Connect computer to laser marking machine

After connecting laser marking machine to the computer with a USB cable, turn on the laser marking machine and install the driver on the computer.

4. How to use Ezcad?

After correct installation, you can use Ezcad to control the laser marking machine to work.

1. How to use EZCAD Software in fiber laser marking machine?

2. Laser marking machine Pen Tool

6. Where to Download Ezad?

To download or purchase Ezcad software, you must first know the model of your marking machine’s control card. Then get the corresponding Ezcad according to your own controller. Some laser marking machine manufacturers use pirated laser controller, you have to make sure that your controller is genuine.


5. How to distinguish genuine and pirated Ezcad?

Pirated software will always appear on the market along with genuine software. Many laser marking machine manufacturers use pirated Ezcad in order to reduce costs. According to our experience: Genuine software is safe and stable, and the marking effect of pirated software is better. We do not promote the use of pirated software.

You can judge from the appearance of laser controller that you are using a genuine or pirated software without turning on the laser marking machine.

The chip of genuine controller is printed with LOGO and the unique “BJJCZ”, and the board has a “BJJCZ” label and code. In addition, the DB interface is white, and there is only one crystal oscillator.

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