Laser Marking Machine For Metal / Laser Engraver For Metal

Looking for a solution for marking and engraving metals? Fiber laser marking machine is the best metal marking solution. It adopts computer control, easy to operate, and can quickly mark various metal materials. Due to the use of laser, the fiber laser marking machine can perform refined and permanent marking on the material surface without contacting the material, thereby ensuring the integrity of the material surface.

What metals can the fiber laser marking machine mark and engrave?

Almost all metals can be marked and engraved by a fiber laser marking machine. The most common metals include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum/Anodized aluminum
  • Jewelry – Gold/Silver
  • Brass/Copper
  • Tungsten/Ccemented carbide
  • Steel /Steel alloys
  • Titanium/Titanium alloys
  • Coated metal

How to mark metal with laser marking machine?

Let’s first understand how the laser marking machine works. The fiber laser marking machine performs marking by focusing the laser beam to the surface of the material. The focused laser beam can generate high temperature to evaporate or etch the surface of the material to form a permanent mark. This process is called oxidation or annealing in the profession. This is the most effective technology for laser marking today.

Each type of metal absorbs laser and conducts heat differently. So you have to choose the most suitable fiber laser marking machine according to the material. The current fiber laser marking machine has desktop and portable types, and they have different laser power and source. The common power is 20w/30w/50/100w/. Generally speaking, the higher the power, the faster the marking speed and the deeper the engraving. The high-power fiber laser marking machine also has the cutting function. In addition, the fiber laser laser marking machine can also achieve 3D and color labeling functions.

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Why Choose Fiber Laser Machines for Metal Marking?

  • Cheap and affordable metal marking solution
  • Duration of fiber laser is about 100,000 hours
  • No need for water cooler, occupies less space
  • Simple operation ans no maintenance required
  • Professional laser machine and solutions, 100% safe.
  • A variety of types and laser power options, purchase on demand.
  • Suitable for marking and engraving a variety of metal materials, with one machine for multiple purposes.

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