Bytelaser is selling laser marking machine parts. You can add separe parts to your order when purchasing laser machine, or buy parts separately.

Galvo Scanner With Power Supply

Type: No/With Red Light
Input Aperture: 10mm
Wavelength: 10.6um/1064nm/355nm
Marking Speed: 8000mm/s
Positioning speed: 10000mm/s
Applicable: Fiber/Co2/UV Laser machine

Fiber Laser Scan Lens

Material: High Purity Fused Silica
Wavelength: 1064nm
Thread: M85
Focal length: 100-420mm
Scan Field: 70×70-300x300mm
Feature: Rast positioning/Precision focusing

Laser Control Card

LMCV4-FIBER-M: Use for Fiber laser
LMCV4-DIGIT: Use for CO2/UV laser
Connect Method: USB 2.0
Software: EzCad
Support OS: XP/Win7/Win8/WIN10
32/64 Bit System
Power Supply: 5V 3A

The main parts of laser marking machine include: laser, galvo scanner, scan lens, main board, etc. After purchasing these laser accessories, you can assemble them into a fast laser marking machine. For laser hobbyists, this is a more low cost project, and you can also DIY laser marking machine.

Of course, if your current laser marking machine parts are damaged, you can also purchase the parts separately from Bytelaser. Nowadays, many sellers do not provide high-quality after-sales service as they promised. When the customer’s laser fails to work or the parts are damaged, they cannot find the best solution. Bytelaser adheres to the vision of the Best Cheap, Best Machine, Best Service. Contact Bytelaser and get the best laser solution!