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Looking for a fiber laser marking machine for engraving and labeling metals? ByteLaser is selling the cheapest fiber laser marking machine. Fiber laser marking machine uses a solid-state laser to emit a laser to quickly 3D mark the material without touching the material. Compared with other engraving machines, fiber laser marking machine requires no maintenance and has a long service life, it’s the best choice for marking materials.

Core components: Laser Source

Laser source is the most important part of the fiber laser marking machine, which determines the parameters and price.





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Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

Material Marking Application

There are five main families of stainless steel (ss): austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, duplex, and precipitation hardening, all of which can be marked and printed. Fiber laser marking machine uses laser annealing to chemically modify the steel under the chromium oxide layer to leave a permanent mark on the surface of the material. Generally speaking, the color labed by fiber laser marker is black. Another thing to note is that stainless steel cannot be engraved, otherwise it will cause corrosion.

Fiber laser marking machine can engrave aluminum and anodized aluminum. The most common is that many mobile phone logos and shells are marked with a mopa fiber laser marking machine. It's high speed laser machine whice can mark different gray levels from white to black according to different materials, which can meet the needs of industrial batch production.

Many jewels are made of gold, and fiber laser marking machine can mark various words and patterns on these jewels. Compared with traditional manual and mechanical engraving, the laser marking machine uses a non-contact marking method, which will not damage the precious gold material and reduce the weight of the material. Many jewelry stores are using fiber laser marker for creative design. Buy a laser marking machine for your own design now.

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How to choose the best fiber laser marking machine?

Here is a guide to help you buy the best fiber laser marking machine:

1. What material do you want to mark, such as stainless steel, jewelry.

2. What marking effect do you want to achieve, such as depth, color.

3. Do you need 3D marking or other requirements.

4. Where do you want to apply fiber laser marking machine, such as home or factory.

5. Finally ByteLaser will provide the best laser marking machine according to your needs.

How much does fiber laser marking machine cost?

Laser marking machines of different configurations have different costs, and they mainly include:

  1. Laser source: Max, Racys, JPT and IPG. Different laser power costs are different. The power of fiber laser marking machine mainly includes 20w, 30w, 50w and 100w. Among them, 20w and 30w lasers are divided into two types, with a cost difference of $300.
  2. Galvo scanning system: High-quality galvanometer can improve accuracy. We always use the top brand SINO-GALVO.
  3. Laser Control Card: All laser marking machines made in China use BJJCZ and EZcard software. There are pirated and genuine control panels, and we do not advocate the use of pirated versions. But frankly speaking: 1. Genuine products are safe and stable, and technical support can be provided. 2. The pirated version has a good effect, and the price is about $100 cheaper.
  4. Working table and case: The working area is generally less than 30cm*30cm (Or customize a large working area), and the cost of the desktop case is higher.
  5. Accessories: For other marking needs, you may need to purchase accessories such as rotating or 3d worktable.

As a professional fiber laser marking machine manufacturer, we have cheap fiber laser marking machine for sale. According to different configurations, they only cost $1000 - $5000.

More About Fiber Laser Marking Machine

How long does a fiber laser marking machine last?

Fiber laser marking machine is the laser equipment with the lowest maintenance cost and the longest service life. The laser source is the core component of the fiber laser marking machine. Generally speaking, the laser fiber source can be used for 100,000 hours, which means that a fiber laser marking machine can be used for about 45 years.

Fiber Laser vs CO2 Laser

The main difference between fiber and co2 laser marking machine is the marking materials.

  • Fiber laser marking machine: metal materials.
  • CO2 laser marking machine: non-metallic materials.

For more differences, please refer to: Fiber vs CO2 Laser Marking Machine: Which One Should You Buy?

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