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Mini laser engraver adopts compact design, portable and easy to use, it is the best choice for home and DIY hobbyists. Bytelaser has a variety of safe and durable mini laser engraving machines for sale, cheap and responsive. Check out our affordable mini laser engraving machines now.

DIY Sample Display

Laser Cutting Sample Display

Note: Available for cutting paper, wood, leather and fabric within 1-2cm. Available for 5mm thick dark and opaque acrylic.

Features And Advantages of Mini Laser Engraver

Mini laser engraver is also known as small laser engraver and mini laser etching machine. Compared with industrial laser marking machine, it has the following features and advantages:

  1. Small size: As the name suggests, Mini means that the size of the laser engraver is very small. We supply mini laser engraver with sizes ranging from 150*150*140mm to 467*435*150mm. Portable and compact mini laser engrave, you can use it in any place.
  2. Cheap price: Compared with the cost of industrial laser marking machine of thousands of dollars, the price of mini laser engraving machine is very cheap. Generally speaking, you only need to spend $100-400.
  3. Easy to use: All ByteLaser machine is easy to use, and mini laser engraving machine is no exception. We will provide a detailed user manual.
  4. CNC: Support computer software (Windows and Mac) and mobile app (Android and iPhone), you can operate the machine more intuitively.
  5. Working speed: Easily engrave patterns in just a few minutes.
  6. Work duration: Mini laser engraver cannot work continuously for dozens of hours. Need to rest about every 30 minutes, and this is also a creative design time for you.
  7. Engraving area: According to different machines. You can engrave materials with different areas from 80*80mm to 220*290mm.
  8. Power: Mini laser engraving machine adopts laser diode design, they operate at low power: 3W, 5W, 7W, 10W, 15W.
  9. Engraving, marking and cutting: 3w, 5w and 7w low-power machines are suitable for non-metallic materials; 10w small laser engraving machines can engrave and mark stainless steel metal materials, and also cut 1-2mm non-metallic materials.

More About Mini Laser Engraver

How much is a small laser engraver?

Small laser engraver is cheaper than industrial laser marking machine. Different specifications of mini laser engraver need to spend different costs, which depends on:

  1. Laser power
  2. Working area
  3. Upgraded laser source

Starting from the most basic model of $100, to about $500 of high power machine, you can choose different specifications according to your hobbies and budget.

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