Laser Marking: Product Traceability In Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing system can’t be imagined without product traceability. Large scale companies send their products to small-scale units and trace their products until the products are consumed. Traceability helps the brands to gain a competitive advantage in the market, and some business can use the factor of tracing in the best possible way to flourish their business.

Global businesses need to convey a huge amount of information about their products that is usually done through marking the codes on the products. These codes can be read through different software. Most of you may know about the bar codes on the products that were widely used in past. Those bar codes are now replaced with two types of codes, QR codes, and data matrix codes. These codes can store a larger amount of information as compared to the bar codes. These codes are marked on the products through different methods. Laser marking is considered the most reliable method nowadays. The laser method is widely used due to its high quality and durability.

What is Traceability?

Traceability is the process of tracing a product throughout the supply chain circle. A product is allotted with a product code that involves the essential information about the product history, product category, and manufacturing details. A huge amount of information is piled up in a single code that could be accessed easily through software and code reader devices.

Why Traceability Is Needed?

Several steps are involved in the manufacturing process from raw material to the finished product that needs to be traced. The parties involved in the production process need to know the details of the product like its location, features, and manufacturing details. These things make us realize that product traceability is a much-needed factor in the production process.

Many contractors, third parties, and sub-contractors are involved in the process and a huge amount of information needs to be communicated at different stages of the supply chain process. So, the product tracing through marking on the products is used to eliminate the complications and to make the process easier.

Advantages Of Using Laser Marking For Product Traceability

There are several methods of marking products but laser marking is considered the most reliable method. Product marking should be accurate and durable so that the information could be accessed throughout the product lifecycle. Laser marking fulfills all these objectives of product marking.


Laser marking machines offer product marking at a lower cost because they don’t need any maintenance. This machine doesn’t use ink and other solvents to print the codes which makes it cost-effective. There is no waste material generated during the marking process. So the disposing off cost will not be incurred.

Your product will make its unique identification in the market due to laser marking that will create a good brand image in the market. It will help your business to earn more profit. According to cost-benefit analysis, the cost of marking is very effective when it is compared to the benefits it provides.

Good Quality

Laser marking delivers premium quality because laser marking machines use beams to mark on the products that bring an amazing outcome. It uses a computerized laser beam that allows you to set the size of your choice. A small spot laser beam help to draw more precise designs. These precise designs will add attraction to the appearance of your product.

It provides a fine quality marked product even when small-sized symbols are marked. Laser marking is easily visible and accurately marked. QR codes are not simple alphabets and symbols, they are a mixture of complex designs. But they can be marked easily through laser marking.

System Integration

Large scale businesses have several departments and they need to be integrated. There are various components of a single product, each one manufactured by a certain department. When every component of a product will involve laser marking, it will become easy to integrate among various departments of a business.

Laser marking doesn’t only helps in internal integration but also plays an important role in external integration. The supply chain involves several steps from obtaining raw- material to delivery of finished goods. All these steps need to be integrated to minimize the chances of fraud. Laser marking also helps a lot in maintaining the record of products.


When each component is marked with a unique code that can contain a huge amount of information. Then it will be easy to access the information, whenever it is needed. During the manufacturing process, the information is frequently viewed to check the accuracy and quality at each step. Through laser marking the information could be accessed at each level so that the required changes could be applied before the beginning of the next level of the production process.

Laser marked codes can be accessed throughout the product lifecycle. And the information stored in these codes can be helpful in many ways. As it contains the basic information like manufacturing date, warranty details, and model number, etc. This information can also be used to obtain after-sale services.


Laser marking is done through a small spot laser beam. So, small and complex designs can easily be drawn with the help of laser marking. A laser beam is suitable for every design. Because it draws with a small spot which brings neatness and accuracy to the design.

It depends upon the Size, shape, and nature of the product that which part of the product should be marked. However, with the help of a laser beam, you can mark the desirable part of the product. Because a laser beam can mark on the curved paths of a product which are usually difficult to reach. It means laser marking is suitable for every product.


Laser marking machines don’t use ink to mark on the surface. The design of code can be ruined sooner or later if it will be marked with ink. Instead of ink, it uses a laser beam which helps to mark the surface at a certain depth. This feature of laser marking makes it reliable and durable.

Laser mark lasts even when the product itself is damaged. This marking helps to get the information of damaged products in case of inquiries. And the durability of laser marking provides access to stored information, whenever it is required.

Application In Automotive Industry

Traceability plays an important role in the automotive industry. A vehicle is generally made up of thirty thousand different parts. Some parts of vehicles are outsourced by large-scale companies and some parts are manufactured to complete the manufacturing process. Keeping the record of such a huge amount of information about each part of the vehicle is very much difficult. Through laser marking a company can trace their products throughout the product’s life cycle. In the case of any Miss-happening laser marking helps a lot in the inquiry process.

Laser marking also helps the customers to obtain information about the product when it is required. In case of any damages, the customer can claim the warranty with the help of information stored in laser markings.
Laser marking is very much useful during the manufacturing process. Companies can trace their products at different manufacturing plants which can help them to obtain in-time deliveries of different products. It also helps the companies to keep their systems up to date. Efficiency and effectiveness obtained through traceability will ultimately enhance the profit ratio by reducing the cost of production. A company can also follow modern production standards through traceability.


Large-scale businesses are nearly impossible without traceability, and the best method of traceability is laser marking. Laser marking is valuable due to its durability and reliability. Traceability helps a company to take proactive decisions and is also used as a source of information throughout the manufacturing process. A company can easily monitor the manufacturing process through traceability. Traceability through laser marking also plays a vital role in global business.

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