Raycus, JPT, Max, Or IPG? Which Fiber Laser Source Should You Choose?

Laser source is the core component of the laser machine. Different laser sources can generate different laser beams to cut different materials. When you buy a fiber laser marking machine, you will find that there are many brands that provide different fiber laser sources, and the price of each brand is different, so which is the most affordable fiber laser source, what is the difference between them.

ByteLaser listed the most used fiber laser brand on the market: Raycus, Max, JPT and IPG Fiber Laser Source. Let us see what is the difference between them and which one should you choose.


Raycus is a fiber laser brand from China. The working life of Raycus fiber laser is 100,000 hours. Pulserepetition rate is 20-80khz and low frequency engraving and marking is not possible. The marking accuracy is 10um. Its main advantages are stability and low price, but it maybe not provide too high quality laser.

Raycus Official website: raycuslaser.com


Max is also a fiber laser brand from China. Compared with Raycus, Max has better stability. For others, the parameters of Max Laser are basically the same as Raycus.

Max Official website: maxphotonics.com


JPT is also a fiber laser brand from China. JPT laser is the most famous laser in China. This is derived from its unique MOPA laser technology. Compared with other Q-switched lasers, the pulse frequency and pulse width of MOPA fiber lasers are independently controllable. Through the adjustment and collocation of two laser parameters, a constant high peak power output can be achieved and it can be applied to a wider range of marking applications. Mopa laser can also mark color on stainless steel.

JPT Official website: jptoe.com


IPG is an internationally renowned laser brand. So far, IPG laser is the highest quality and most stable laser. Of course, its price is also expensive. Compared with other brands, IPG laser have more advantages on marking jewelry and small electronic originals.

IPG Official website: ipgphotonics.com

Which Fiber Laser Source should you choose?

For fiber lasers of the same specifications, the prices from low to high are: Raycus, Max, JPT and IPG. The price difference is not only because some brands are made in China, but also because of the marking effect and their applicable materials.

In summary, Max is an affordable laser brand, it is also the most popular laser brand. If you want to buy a cheap laser marking machine, Raycus is a good choice. JPT laser is a high-quality laser that can mark color. IPG is the best and expensive laser. If some materials of other brands of lasers cannot work, you can choose IPG laser.

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