Bytelaser sells affordable laser marking machines and engraving machines. Each machine uses high-quality parts and is fully customizable, which can meet the different processing needs of customers. As a professional laser marking machine manufacturer, our factory has a strong supply chain of parts and accessories. Our philosophy is: Best Cheap, Best Machine, Best Service. If you want to buy a low-cost and high-quality laser marking machine, please check our laser products series.

Guide For Beginners To Buy Laser Marking Machine


What material do you want to mark or engrave?

This determines the type of laser machine: fiber, CO2 or uv laser marking machine.


What kind of effect do you want to achieve?

For different needs, we will recommend different configurations for you, such as laser power, Scan Lens. We can also send you a demo video of material marking.


About laser marking machine price

Many people are asking: how much is the laser marking machine? Before fully getting your ideas, we cannot provide an accurate quotation, because different types, different configurations, whether you need accessories, transportation and other factors will affect the price. Just like when you buy a computer, this is not a simple transaction. You need to fully understand your goals and then buy affordable products.

Manufacturing And Shipping

After-sales Service

Buying a laser marking machine is a huge investment. The reason why many people hesitate is to worry about after-sales service, because customers and sellers are in different countries, which makes on-site support not a simple matter, so many suppliers provide Online support. If you want to buy a RF laser machine, there is basically no need for maintenance and tutorials. If you are buying a glass tube CO2 laser machine, after-sales service is very important.

ByteLaser takes the Best Service as our philosophy. We can’t guarantee 7*24 support, i think it’s difficult for a supplier to do that, but we can guarantee to provide you with email and video support from 9 am to 18 pm Beijing time on working days. We also have after-sales service centers in some countries, and we can also provide door-to-door service when major problems are encountered.

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